Azul (Blue) Exhibition.
In this new season, the Dionís Bennassar Gallery showcases the work of artist Patricia Bonet (Castellón de la Plana, 1974). This exhibition revisits landscape, or more specifically, seascape painting, seeking to provide a modern take on its colour palette and creative workings.
Just like still lifes, this genre – which has traditionally been associated with the tenets of Romanticism – has been relegated to the shadows in recent times, in spite of its rich history, which includes a roster of notable artists.
The style has now fallen into disuse, further underscoring the relevance of Patricia Bonet’s exhibition.
In the exhibition, the Castellón-born artist takes up the subject matter of seascapes to give the genre a total make-over. Combining its characteristic sublime aspects with a geometrical poetical vision comparable to Oriental poetry (whose short and compact haikus come loaded with sentiment), Bonet redefines the genre with compositions that stand out for their balance both in their visual impact and their use of colour, deceiving the eye and drawing in the viewer who, confronted with these panel pieces, moves beyond an initial sensation of abstraction in order to delve deeper into the hypnotic movement of the waves.
Azul (Blue) is an exercise in formal, geometrical and abstract synthesis featuring a combination of Mediterranean and “Orientalised” poetics, inspired by Japanese haikus which conjure up Romantic sentiments such as the sublime and the ethereal.
Informed by forms and volumes, Bonet’s vision of colour consists of rhythms that either approach or deliberately eschew balance, giving rise to incomplete structures arranged on the surface in such a way as to forge a new reality.
A smooth surface is overlaid with fine layers of semi-transparent oil paints in order to create different colour shades, with the streaks of the wood occasionally drawn out so as to create a certain sense of movement.
Offering an insight into the artist’s personal vision of the Mediterranean, one which harnesses colour to connect with the viewer on an emotional level, Azul comes to Madrid on the back of previous exhibitions in Valencia, Castellón and Ibiza.
Where: Galería Dionís Bennàssar, San Lorenzo 15

When: 6 October – 5 November; Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Gallery
The Dionis Bennassar Gallery of Art opened in Madrid in 1988, as an extension of the efforts made by Bennassar Galeries to promote contemporary art in Mallorca. The gallery’s track record is a measure of its commitment to supporting young artists without overlooking household names. As such, the gallery’s exhibition programme and collections include the work of both established artists and pieces by budding creators in disciplines such as painting, sculpture, graphic art and photography.
Dionís Bennassar regularly promotes its artists at a variety of national and international fairs. It was actively involved in founding and publicising DEARTE Contemporáneo, a fair that aims to promote Spanish art in Madrid.
Set over various floors, the gallery is conceived as a contemporary art centre that, besides temporary exhibitions, also displays a large variety of works from its permanent collections, as well as organising cultural events dedicated to art, poetry, literature and music.

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